Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The BLOODY Finale to AP17 The Valley of Death

 Picking up the action at the halfway point of Turn 5. The Italians were able to break the Russian crew of the 76L and the squads supporting it. My rolls were abysmal...nothing less than a 9 for morale checks.
 The Italians secure the central hill. Hated to see if fall, but failing morale checks was my undoing.

 The German Stug and a mixed group of Italians make a push on the the final Russian held hill.
 The Italians begin to converge from the left towards the center.
 My 4-2-6 makes his one attempt to get back on the hill.
 My boys survive Turn 5. What will turn 6 bring??
 My bold gambit has paid off. The MKIII missed with its D-Fire shot and the 4-2-6 advances onto the hill.
 On the Italian right, a rallied 4-4-7 moves back onto another hill in advance phase.
 Turn 6...the MKIII overruns the valiant 4-2-6 and sends them running back to the woods. The hill is firmly in German/Italian control.
 The final stand ends with dead Russians killed in place in close combat by the desperate Italians. It was a great game that went down to the absolute wire with the final Close Combat determining who would win and who would lose...yours truly notes another loss...Here's hoping AP19 brings me better luck!!!

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