Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AP17 The Valley of Death - Turns 3 and 4

 Halfway through turn 3 DM'd Italians and Russians litter the field.
 The situation on the Italian right as they struggle to form up for a general assault on the hills.
 On the Italian left things went very smoothly. The German MK III helped dislodge the Russians and deliver the hill to the Italians.
 Start of turn 4 on the Italian right. The German Stug lurches forward as the Italians launch a Banzai charge.
 The center saw fast and furious action as the Italians began converging on my strong point. My 76L held on, but the Italians finished off my 4-4-7 on the hill in close combat. I took the Italians with me...but I couldn't afford to trade a squad for a squad. The center will probably fold on turn 5.
 On the far Italian left, I tried sneaking a squad back onto the hill. The MK III put a stop to that exercise.
 On the Italian left, my Russians headed back towards the gully and will probably move back towards the center if time permits.
 My center hill is now inhabited by the 76L Arty and my HMG, 8-1 and a broken 4-4-7. Things are looking pretty dire.
 On the Italian right again, the Italian Banzai charge finished up and put the Italians on the hill. The Stug is well positioned to threaten what remains of my defense.
 An overall look at the end of turn 4 and heading into turn 5. The Russians are trying to hold on in the center as the Italians begin to hit from both right and left.I will need a lot of luck to pull out a victory, but I'll keep fighting.

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