Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AP17 The Valley of Death

Finally back in the saddle again after work and internet related stoppages. Got the scenario kicked off with completion of the Italian/German phase of turn 1. Not much done in two hours, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Italians are mega-stacked in an attempt to soften up the Russians. The range, snow and limited MG's made it difficult for the Italians to inflict much damage, but a few Russians were DM'd, but the line stayed intact.

In D-Fire, the Russian 76 Arty piece got a nice hit on an Italian mega stack and sent it packing,

We'll pick it back up next Wednesday and see how the Italian/German attack will reset and move forward. The German armor may hold the key.

We shall see!!!


  1. I'm curious: what side are you? I looked this one up on ROAR and it appears to be very pro-Russian.

  2. I drew the Russians. And you're right ROAR and the ASL Archive site both show it favors the Russians. That said, the Italians win immediately with one squad on a hill without any good order Russians. So it can definitely be done.

    There's not much the Russians can do to the German armor, so in my mind they are the key to opening up a door for an Italian Banzai to storm a single hill and take it out.

    My opponent is utilizing large stacks and working to soften me up first. This of course makes him vulnerable to the lucky shot as I get to affect three squads with each hit. And with a 6 sure don't want to be rolling MC's.

    Looking forward to next Wednesday's gaming.