Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conclusion of AP18 Village of the Damned

Well we managed to work in a Saturday session of SKYPE ASL. And tonight we managed to complete AP18 Village of the Damned. Very aptly named for my poor Germans and Italians. The Russians picked up the pace in turn 3 and discovered how to deny my troops the ability to rout, which resulted in lots of prisoners. The Russian tank also discovered its value by moving and denying my broken troops avenues of rout. By turn 4, the Sniper had done significant damage to me by KIA'ing the 6+1 officer and breaking a 4-6-7 squad, which I could ill afford, since it was also my one unwounded German unit.

By the end of turn 4, the Russians were converging on the last bastion of the Germans. A beserk Russian 4-4-7 lead the charge. I managed to throw back one squad and officer, but the tide of Ivans was to great for me and in the final Hand to Hand, my boys went down.

My opponent did a great job of managing his forces and time. He cut it close and very nearly lost as he rolled a 10 on the Close Combat resolution. Had it not been his one available Hand to Hand, the game would have ended with a Melee and a German/Italian victory.

So good times all around. Next up is AP17, The Valley of Death.

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