Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thank you ASL Battleschool & Sitrep!!!

To celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my wife bought me a copy of Festung Budapest. I of course did all the ordering, because my lovely wife only tolerates my love of ASL, she had no clue where to purchase such a thing. Now I spent some time thinking about it as well. My first thought was to just log on to MMP and buy it there as I have so many things in the past.

But then my eye caught my Knights Cross precision die that I received with an Ebay purchase of Pegasus Bridge a year or so ago. At the time of the purchase, I did not know anything about ASL Battleschool or Sitrep, but I loved the die and the personal touch of including that die with my purchase.

Then I started this blog and began following other blogs, like ASL Battleschool and lo and behold there were those wonderful precision dice again. And I thought to myself, what a small world.

So, I was really excited to be able to purchase Festung Budapest from Sitrep and grab the beautiful Budapack of BattleDice that I have been eyeing these past many months.

So you can imagine my joy this morning as I saw a recently arrived box from Canada on the front porch. I have purchased many ASL products over the past three decades, but I must say Festung Budapest takes it to a whole new level. Gorgeous maps, 9 counter sheets....9...holy cow, I will need new bins just for the counters in this game!!!

So that's enough blogging...I need to get to Wal-Mart and grab some more plastic bins, because it will be a long day of exploring my new copy of Festung Budapest.

I can only imagine what ASL expansion I'll be getting for my 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!  Cause I know that if I'm still breathing then, I will still be married to the same wonderful gal and I will definitely still be playing you dudes in the rest home get ready...cause we're going to be letting lose some nebelwerfers in the common could get messy!!!

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  1. Just noticed this today. Thank you for the kind words and your patronage. Perhaps you will find an "Airborne" die in the mail some day. ;)