Wednesday, August 15, 2012

High Tide at Heiligenbeil...or German Riptide...

Sometimes...I just should read a book or watch a movie or check my emails...It would certainly be less demeaning than watching my opponent just annihilate me in one turn.

Now turn 1 of this game went ok...not great, but I was optimistic. Yes, I had lost two of my SU-76's, but I had DM'd a squad on the left side and the crew of the 37L. So when turn 2 commenced, I went big and bold. I moved my boys on the right full steam ahead through the building hexes. I ran one of the SU-76's up the middle next to the DM'd crew of the 37L with the intent to force them to rout away in the open and be mowed down. much for my plans. My erstwhile opponent began his D-Fire with gusto. The 75* pivoted, fired and brewed up my SU-76. Plan one trashed. Next his mega stacks in the main building opened up. A snake eyes here and a three there reduced or eliminated 6 of my 4-4-7's. My 9-1 officer went down broken and both of my MMG's were unmanned (so was I by this point).  By the end of Turn 2, my force was broken, scattered and had no real hope of putting any pressure on the Germans...let alone cross the open ground and assault the objective building.

I stuck it out for turn 3 to see if my Fighter Bombers could do anything. Well...both failed their Sight TC's and were going to make mistaken attacks on my force. At this point, even my opponent decided to have mercy and agreed that a concession was the only sensible thing to do, while we spent the remainder of our game time deciding which scenario to do next week.

Wow...still smarting from my butt kicking tonight, but it happens. I rolled badly all night and my opponent's rolls were golden from start to finish.

But hey a bad day of ASL beats a good day of most anything else!!!!

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