Sunday, July 8, 2012

T4 - Some after Action Thoughts

Our 100th Scenario was a perfect choice. It certainly seemed fitting to play on the venerable Board 1, where we all play our first Squad Leader. And it was doubly great to have my opponent actually sitting across from me again.

As for the scenario, I once again suffered mightily from setting up across from the German start line. My 10-3 never got off an effective shot. The German 10-3 and 9-2 just hammered me. My 10-3 didn't break until mid game, but was pinned three times in a row, leaving my squad to break each time. Of course rallying was a breeze, so I managed to stay a thorn in the side, even though I barely fired off a shot.

What saved me was the MMG group in the triangular building who successfully interdicted the road separating our MLR's. My opponent tried to cross once and all three squads in his mega stack were broken. They stayed broken for two turns as the officer failed to rally. This bought me valuable time as the clock ticked down. The German Stugs were very effective. They managed to open up the line for the Germans, but by turn 5, it was just too late.

The final German move was made in Turn 6 by the 10-3's Mega Stack. They ran for the back buildings and right next to the remnants of my 10-3 (wounded with a 4-5-8) stack. I rolled a 4 with a -3 modifier and that was all she wrote. The 10-3 and one 4-6-8 died in the withering blast.

And that was the final act. The Russians had won, despite being down to only 2 squads. But a victory nonetheless.

In two weeks we'll be back to battling on SKYPE. Next Scenario will be J27 High Tide at Heiligenbeil. Should be fun!


  1. Have probably played Shklov's Labors Lost six or seven times. It is always terribly bloody. A classic board 1 scenario.

  2. No doubt Chris. The Germans don't have much time and the Russians don't have a lot of territory they can concede early on without it jeopardizing the win. The staircase in the triangular building was my solution to keeping up a defense. As my 2nd floor MMG squad was broken by the German 10-3 and 9-2, I would rally them in the rear and cycle up another squad from a lower floor.

    Really good scenario when you don't have a lot of time.