Wednesday, June 20, 2012

S27 Turns 3-5 - All in for New Zealand!!!

Wow...what a night of gaming. ASL never ceases to surprise, bedevil and bring so much gaming joy!!!

The Germans continued their straight ahead Teutonic rampage. I seemed nearly powerless to slow them down. The 10-2 stack of death moved to a first floor window and swept my Kiwis off the hill. They scrambled into blind hexes to try and interdict the open ground between the grain field and the village.

My audacious opponent went ahead and moved to the edge of the field and even into the open to go head to head with my boys behind the ridge. And it paid off for him. My two 4-4-7's rolled a miserable 9 and did nothing...nothing...let me repeat nothing. The bold Germans rolled a three and my resulting 12 morale check roll ensured the death of two squads. My entire hill defense ...gone...and they did nothing...nothing...let me repeat they did nothing.

But thank goodness for my 9-1 with the MMG. He opened up on the Germans in the wheatfield and KIA'd the lot. Sweet revenge.

Then the Germans in the village managed to break the HMG and completely break it in the ensuing Rally Phase. So things are looking up in the village.

Turn 5, my reinforcements raced onto the board and are set to bolster my suffering defenses. The Germans have done pretty well for moving mega-stacks in the open. The 10-2 continues to watch from afar and that is fine by me. The longer they stay out of the action, the better my chances of holding out for the win.

It was a wild three turns tonight, but oh so much fun!!! We'll see what next week brings. My Kiwis are standing tall...they won't go down easy.

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