Wednesday, June 27, 2012

S27 Conclusion

Finished the final turns of S27 tonight. Great game overall. The New Zealanders held and claimed the victory. The German assault pounded its way to the outskirts of the village, but couldn't get past the main line of resistance. The 2 tanks of the Hussars made a huge contribution. Their 10 factor machine guns made crossing in the open a non-event for the Germans.

The  German ATR's bounced repeatedly off the tanks, which kept the German bottled up at the edge of the village. Had they succeeded, I dare say the Germans would have been able to move forward far more aggressively at the end.

So I chalk up a much needed win. I suffered heavy losses and some embarrassing gaffes, which take some of the shine off of this win. But, my tactical plan in the beginning did pay off in the end. I managed to keep the Paras from playing a significant role and was able to channel the German assault into the open ground. That alone probably sealed the victory.

So all in all a solid game of ASL. Now for the really great news. My opponent will be visiting us from St. Louis next week. So we will play our first face to face ASL since 1997. And we will be playing something from Festung Budapest.

Can't wait!!! 4th of July and ASL...what could be better!?!

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