Wednesday, June 13, 2012

S27 begins...

We managed to get through turns 1 and 2 tonight. And let's just say they were not good for the Kiwis. In fact, they were downright awful.

My set up in the village accomplished the twin goals of not getting any of my squads shot at and keeping the Germans contained.

But on the western front all was not well. The Germans moved on in 4 mega stacks with a smaller stack toting the mortar. This was pretty much the movement I had expected. My infantry was strung out along the first ridge and into the northern edge woods. I did this in order to prevent a swift flank maneuver that would have given the Germans an easy path into the village.

My two arty pieces were on the second ridge aimed at the two hex building. I correctly deducted that this would be the primary objective of the first German move. Unfortunately, when my turn came to Prep Fire, I skipped it and began moving my infantry to get up to where the Germans were massed.

Yep...that's right...I didn't fire my arty pieces...and yes I truly could not have committed a more stupid blunder. In German Defensive fire both guns were destroyed by snake-eye rolls. Two in a row, to be more accurate. In the blink of an eye my entire defense was obliterated and turned, without a single shot fired at the Germans. Embarrassing...tragic are but two words to describe the horrible reality of the events of turn 1. It's like standing in the key and forgetting to shoot the ball...good grief...have I ever played ASL before...?????

In turn 2, I took a break from feeling sorry for myself and got back to the task of recovering. In D-Fire, I managed to stagger one of the mega stacks trampling down all the nice Cretan grain. And then in my turn 2 movement phase, I began running back to the second hill with all the troops I could swing that way. Two squads are in place and should help to check any unwise German movement in the open. week will bring turns  3 and 4. Stay tuned and shield your eyes from the glare of the Cretan sun...or you will pay with a +1 on your IFT roll...

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