Wednesday, June 6, 2012

S26 Conclusion

Well...I knew from the first two turns that this scenario was going to be painful. And yes it was. The Germans continued to press home their attacks in turns 5-7. I was unable to stop them at all. My performance was just dismal. A few morale checks was all I could force and then without effect.

My strongest move of the game was having a 4-4-7 tie up some German 4-6-7's in Melee for the duration of the game. They finally died in the final CC resolution, but did great service in keeping 2 German squads away from the main event.

My tanks were nearly useless and all 9 went up in flames. Only 1 German tank lost and that was the sum total of German losses.

Even so, with the brutal beating I was given, I very nearly stopped the Germans. Then double tragedy. The Germans entered the final turn needing two buildings. One 4-4-7 held one building and another 4-4-7 should have been in the other building...but I neglected to move him in during my last Advance Phase. I could not believe my failure to occupy a crucial building...of course my head was in the clouds for way too much of this scenario. The final tragedy occurred when two of my 6-2-8's in one of the 2 buildings both rolled 11's on a +1 morale check. They rallied in the next turn, but I couldn't move them into position. They could only watch helplessly from the adjacent buildings

So the Germans only had to face a single 4-4-7 (pinned during Prep Fire) with three separate stacks. The issue was never in doubt. The Germans broke the unit in Advance Fire and strolled into the final victory location. Game over.

So...time to shake this one off and get my head straight for S27. I'll be leading the Kiwis against Ramcke's finest. I'll be looking for some redemption!!!

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