Thursday, May 24, 2012

S26 Holding Pattern

Gaming partner in St. Louis tweeked his back, so no gaming this week. Bummer...I really look forward to my 2 hours of ASL a week.

I'm sure like most gamers out there, those two hours of game time really energize me and occupy my thoughts through the week. I replay good and bad moves in my head and try to think out the next moves when we pick up the game again.

My co-workers wonder what the little maps are that are on my post-it note pads at my desk. Little do they know the fate of a free world may hinge on the plans laid out on those little pads.

Rambling a bit tonight, but reflecting a bit on the importance of gaming. Life for a working adult with children is always challenging and can be as overwhelming as trying to win with the Italians..!

So those brief moments in the busy week that can be selfishly devoted to ASL are highly cherished. And here's to next week's game not only for myself but all of you out there...may there always be another scenario waiting to be played!

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