Wednesday, May 16, 2012

S26 Cont.

OK another turn down and my woes continue. Sometimes in just begin to realize that a certain scenario is just not going to go your way. The Germans began their thrust into the village as both wings of their attack began a general envelopment. I lost another T-34/85 as it frantically tried to back out of sight from a King Tiger. It did manage to start up...but then an 88LL shell ripped it apart...leaving yet another flaming wreck.

My infantry on the left flank were pinned and then destroyed in CC as the German infantry made their moves into the village. My core defense is still intact as we head into the last of turn 4. 

The German tanks are circling around me like sharks, but I'm still looking pretty good from a infantry standpoint. The Germans still have about 2 more moves to make which takes us to turn 6 before they can begin to threaten in close combat.

I'm going to stay optimistic. It's all I've got left to cling to!!!!

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