Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Early Battles - Completed

Well after some work and family related delays, my gaming partner and I managed to complete this scenario. But to be honest, I really lost this scenario on turn 1, when my secondary line of defense was completely smashed. I never recovered and the Germans scampered along the East edge of the board to victory and Teutonic Glory!!!

My KVII managed to lumber into the fray and take on out one German tank...but that would be the last gasp from the Hammer and Sickle crowd. The Germans secured the village in 3-1/2 turns. Oh the shame...but my defense was flawed and my opponent opened it up like a cheap can of tuna.

I'll shake it off and get ready for S26, which pits JSII's and Tiger II's against one another. Should be a great fight!!!

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