Friday, March 9, 2012

Sherman Marches West (cont.)

We finished the game this past Wednesday evening. The Soviets continued to roll poorly with 7 boxcars and over 19 x 10's and 11's. This left the German defenses largely intact and in the way.

The Soviet infantry on my left did finally eliminate the 50LAT Gun crew. It was just a matter of time. The strongest move by the Soviet infantry to get past my 5-4-8's was unsuccessful. After routing the stack, it looked pretty good for the Germans.

The Soviet Tanks continued to stalk the edges of my defense, but never made a strong move to engage my Tiger I. In fact, my Tiger 1 never fired a single round of AP or HE the entire game. Instead it made strategic smoke that shielded my infantry from the Soviet tanks.

By game end, the Soviets had occupied one of the 4 building in the objective zone, but no further success was to be had.

All in all my decision to defend the objectives and quickly reinforce, seemed to work. The Soviet envelopment attack had some promise, but the tanks left the infantry behind and neither one coordinated their assaults with the other. The Soviet tanks also never took the high ground on my right flank, which would have given them an unobstructed view of the entire village and more than likely kept my reinforcements from running up the board.

Fear...fear of one Tiger I dominated my opponents thinking in this scenario. Perhaps rightfully so, but since the tanks could not take the victory hexes, their loss should have been secondary to losing the more valuable infantry.

So it was a strange game that saw no Soviet tanks destroyed, but neither did it show them operating at their full potential.

Something to remember next time I'm facing that same type of situation.

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