Friday, March 23, 2012

Early Battles

Began this scenario tonight. Got the 1st turn completed. I drew the Soviets and set up two infantry lines along the trees and brush on the right with the BT26 on the very edge to prevent an end around by the German armor.

My MMG was located in the house on the center of map U with the KVII backing it up.  The mortar and 76 ARTY were placed back and readied for long range shelling.

The Germans sent three tanks up both flanks. On the right I shocked one of the MKIV's. In return the Germans destroyed the BT26. The German infantry massed and surged up the right side through the trees and the brush. I rolled poorly and inflicted no damage. In return, 1 and 1/2 squads were KIA'd and three others DM'd by the massed fire of the Germans.

So after just one turn, I have already lost one tank and seen one line of defense completely routed. My officers are in place and will get to work rallying the boys and then they will fall back to the objective houses in the villages. Hopefully, I'll have the time to reset the defense. If won't be pretty...

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