Friday, March 30, 2012

Early Battles (cont.'d)

Well...turn 2 played out Wednesday night. The Germans continued to exert pressure from the wooded portion on the south edge. My Russians continued to break and die with alarming frequency as I rolled badly. The only bright spot was that two German 4-6-7's decided to move adjacent to a lone Russian 4-4-7. To that point, the Germans had not even had a broken my opponent was going forward with the confidence of Lee at Gettysburg on Day 3. lowly 4-4-7 got in a +1 MC on the two squads. And then it happened...BOXCARS...and one broken, elr'd half squad. The remaining squad was pinned. I decided to press my luck and moved into close combat with the pinned squad and won.

My final move of turn 2 was to move the KVII down and into the open glade between the lines of trees. It was a move of desperation as the Germans have reduced me to only 3 unbroken squads. We will see if the KVII can retrieve the situation and buy me some time to fall back to the village before the German infantry secures all four buildings.

No matter the is sure to be exciting!

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