Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sherman Marches West

Started this scenario tonight. I drew the Germans, which always makes me happy. Don't know why I'm so drawn to the Germans, but always have been. My intrepid opponent drew the Russians and over the years has played them better than any other nationality. So all the makings for a good game were in order. Too bad our dice don't ever cooperate. The last three games have been miserable dice rolling affairs for my opponent. Even I am a little bewildered at this string of bad luck rolls. In two turns he broke the main armaments on two shermans and two of his light machine guns.

I won't get into a diatribe of my hatred for the dice rolling aspect of ASL...but suffice to say that even the best tactical planning can be rendered futile by the quirky whim of the dice gods. For myself, an ill-timed 12 contributed to the loss of two of my 6 4-4-7's. So not really an auspicious start for me either.

But turn 2 ended with the Soviets converging on the objective buildings in a pretty well designed envelopment. My tanks arrived on the board and the MKIII quickly gained position on the hill overlooking the village, while the Tiger has camped among my remaining infantry. I toyed with being more aggressive with the Tiger and hitting one of the Soviet flanks. Each flank has 3 Shermans and one of each set of 3 has a broken MA.  I decided against it, because with my luck, they Shermans would simply move point blank and get a lucky KIA. Better to protect my tank and let the Russians come to it.

So looking forward to next Wednesday night and seeing where this game will take us.

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