Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sherman Marches West (cont.)

After a week off, we ran through turns 3 and 4 tonight. Turn 3, the Russians spent most of the turn firing and not moving. A stack of 3 4-4-7's moved into a house on my right flank and right under the gaze of my MKIII. A hit and the stack was minus a half-squad and soon routing back. In my Prep fire, I made smoke that prevented the remaining Russian armor from hurting me on the right. My reserves entered the board as planned and just in the nick of time on my left, where the Russians were beginning to make some headway and threaten my 50L AT Gun.

Turn 4 showed a diminished Russian effort on the right, but on the left, they surged forward and are now ready to leap on my AT-Gun in turn 5. Even with my reserves, my left flank is in some jeopardy. Hopefully, the boys will slow the Soviet juggernaut long enough to prevent them from occupying the victory hexes in the village.

Keeping my fingers crossed and my Tiger 1 ready to pounce!

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