Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monty's Gamble

Played this sharp little scenario tonight. It's a rough one for the Germans. The British are HIP at start with two 57L's and a Piat against 3 Stugs minus their coaxial MG's.

I drew the Brits and set them up with the infantry up front in stone buildings and a road to their front. The two AT guns were placed in the backfield.

The German infantry came on cautiously with the 4-4-7's leading they way probing for my hidden squads. The armor entered cautiously as well. Turn 1 ended with no action. The Brits stayed hidden.

Turn 2 the German armor surges forward and races for to get off the board. My Piat misses and one 57L is revealed. The Stug in that area heads the other direction and right into the other 57L. It survives the hit and gets by. It will be the only German unit to exit the board.

The other two Stugs both fall to the AT guns in turns 3 and 4. The German infantry walk into the British Main Line of Resistance and never manage to penetrate the line.

So the game ends with a British victory.

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