Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ASL22 Another Summer's Day

Nice, tight little scenario, which has a few twists to it to make for some good gaming. I drew the Germans, so the first choices fell on me to decide which groups to bring in on Turns 1 and 2. The interesting factor in the choice was that there were 6 groups to choose from, but you would only get all 6 if you waited until turn 3 to bring them.

In a 6 turn game, waiting didn't seem to me like the right strategy. So I chose the 4-6-7 and 5-4-8 infantry groups to enter Turn 1 and then on Turn 3 the Tiger 1 and 2 Armored Cars. I ended up sacrificing the 8-3-8 and 4-6-8 groups.

The Americans landed well and established a position on the tree covered hill overlooking the road and the trees near the village in the center of the gaming area.

The German 4-6-7's entered unopposed and moved quickly towards the village center. The 5-4-8's entered  open ground right under the US mortar and MMG. I feared the worst, but after rolling a profusion of 10's my erstwhile opponent failed to do any more than break 3 of the 5 squads. My 8-1 managed to hold out and began breaking the US troops on the hill. By game end, this group had completely recovered and was central to my victory.

The 4-6-7's in the center managed to move forward well and began a general firefight with the US troops in the center.

Once the Tiger and Armored cars entered the fray, the US was hanging on tenuously to the road. By turn 5 the US troops on the hill were broken and surrounded with no clear line of sight to the road.

The 4-6-7's moved adjacent to the US troops in the center with the support of the Tiger. The US 9-1 managed to KIA two of the 4-6-7's much to my dismay. Just a completely boneheaded move on my part put them in harm's way. And just when it looked like turn 6 was going to give the US the struggling mortar team (finally in range) managed a snake eyes effect on the last US 3-3-7/Bazooka team with a view of the road. Their KIA signaled game over and a German victory.

Good game...

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