Wednesday, January 4, 2012

S21 Clash at Borisovka

Well, we kicked off the 2012 ASL year with the S21 Clash at Borisovka scenario. This was a nice tanks only scenario that played fast and furious. The Soviets formed a firing line of 6 T-34's and traded long range fire with a Tiger and 3 MKIV's. The result after 3 turns was 6 burning T-34's. The 4 remaining T-34's moved forward along the other flank and took out one MKIV and managed to exit the board. So the Soviets managed to achieve 5 VP by game end. The Germans kept the victory with 6 VP. Both sides agree that the best Soviet strategy is to make a forceful dash for the South board edge. The numbers favor the Soviets and a miss here or there and the Soviet takes the crown.

Looking forward to S22 next week.

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