Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The thrilling conclusion of Joseph 351

Ok...I admit it... I hated this scenario last week. I expected today's conclusion to be a dull, dice rolling, morale checking exercise.

By turn mind was completely changed. The Germans had held the hill crest doggedly, but then suddenly, their key MG's groups were broken. My Rangers leaped forward, jumped onto the hill, traded fire with the Germans and suddenly we have two melee's going on at both ends of the boards. Meanwhile the Russians had made the end around and were surging on to the hill as well.

The Germans made a fight of it...but DM'd squads with no ability to rout suddenly fell into the bag. But alas only 19 of 30 hill hexes were under my sway and only 15 of the necessary 22 victory points were mine when time ran out.

So the Germans earn the victory. I don't feel too bad though. At game end, my forces had taken the hill and with one more turn, would have seized the brass ring of victory.

ASL...nothing quite like it!!!

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