Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remembering the Early Games...


  1. In the early days, right after graduating college, my high school buddies still got together for mega events, you know the DYO scenarios that used every board possible and of course were never finished.

    But man were they fun!

  2. That hideous panelling brings back memories. Had the same in our basement. How did we ever play with such terrible lighting?

    Recall setting up a few of these DYO games. Naturally none were ever finished. But just creating OBs, setting up and playing a few turns was a blast. The most memorable included an airdrop by a battalion, while another battalion tried to take bridges from the other end. We probably used a dozen or more boards in that one. Had to set it up on the (pristine) floor of my room in the sergeant's quarters. Cannot imagine what we were thinking starting that one. Even in three or four days we were never going to come close to finishing it.

  3. Chris, we went through a phase where we did some huge DYO's. We recreated a portion of Kursk on a homemade map and then the German breakout from the Korsun Pocket (Tcherkassy), which was absolutely massive.

    Our last huge DYO was a German breakout from Budapest. I was the Soviets and still remember losing over 80 tanks and still having a massive force. Good times!!!!