Thursday, December 22, 2011

Joseph 351

Played turns 1 and 2 of Joseph 351 last night. I drew the Americans and got to enter the board basically in front of a German execution squad. Thankfully, my opponent threw a bunch of 10's and 11's. My 9-2 kill stack should have done something...but back to back 11's ensured that I would do nothing. As for Joseph 351 and his Russkies...well they managed to break some German 4-4-7's before breaking in mass themselves.

So far not liking this scenario very much. We'll see how it goes next Wednesday...but win or lose, this scenario won't go another night.


  1. Only played this once. But I think the escaped PoWs can be a real PITA for the Germans. I think they need coddling for the first few turns, or at least until the Americans have begun to make their presence felt. Just hunkering down in interior woods hexes behind the Jerries will compel the Jerries to come for them and risk PBF and CC. Of course, the Germans can try to ignore them, but the Reds will come back to haunt them later.
    I recall Perry Cocke watching our Game a few years ago. He commented that it is one of better Infantry-only ASLSK scenarios out there, if longer than most. I certainly would play it again.

  2. I have to agree that the Russians can be a real thorn in the German side. I made a huge blunder by putting three of them in one hex and naturally all three broke. So just boneheaded on my part. If I succeed in rallying them, they will spread out and make a real nuisance of themselves!!!