Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Conclusion of Enter the Young S51

Finished turns 4 and 5 tonight and ended the game with an American concession as the Germans held. The Americans made a strong move in the village towards the I5 building, but my 9-1 with the HMG had moved to a great position looking down the M3 - M9 road. As the Americans massed adjacent to my 9-2 and single 5-4-8, the 9-1 unleashed a devastating volley that pinned the squads in place. So in CC only the US 8-1 and a single 6-6-6 went in against my 9-2 and 5-4-8. The Germans won the CC and in my prep fire, the 9-1 DM'd the entire US stack, which effectively checked the US assault once and for all.

This game was pretty fun with some exciting close combats and some really interesting chess like moves. The Americans are faced with a pretty daunting task in this game and I would think the German player should usually come out on top. The American morale just makes it hard to sustain an effective assault.

Next up will be S20 Joseph 351. Already looking forward to it!

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