Wednesday, November 16, 2011

S-51 Enter the Young

Well...after figuring out the proper scenario set-up, we started this one tonight. First time I can recall that MMP got it wrong in the scenario instructions.

The first turn starts with a US bombardment. I knew I had to take the hit or sacrifice too much real estate at the beginning of the game. I chose to set up in one of the zones and got very lucky. One officer broken and one squad pinned. I had just enough units in place to prevent a breakout move on turn 1.

On the other end of the board, I had over protected the open ground in front of the board R objective hex. So naturally, there was no US effort that way. So I'll spend a couple turns trying to move uncommitted squads to places where I can get some use out of them.

My 9-2 is two turns from entering the game. I've got to really hang on, but as we start turn 2...I've only 2 squads facing 12 US squads. It's going to be rough!

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