Wednesday, November 30, 2011

S-51 Enter the Young - Turns 2 and 3

Wow! What a great couple hours of ASL. Fortune smiled on the Germans tonight. The US forces massed for a push into the village couldn't make smoke. It took seven rolls to generate one smoke counter and of course this deprived the entire US force of badly needed MF's. So turn 2 was a no go for US forces. The Germans managed to survive without any losses and moved forces into position to counter the US turn 3 movement.

Turn 3 opened with more smoke and the US forces assault moved across the road and into the village. My 9-1 had moved the HMG with a direct line down the orchard road right into the US movement. I managed to pin a squad with a MMG. These unfortunates were KIA'd in the German turn 3.

The US forces were moving forward, but PIN results were causing squads to straggle, which diluted the Kill stacks, my opponent works so well with. My movement in turn 3 went well until my 9-2 and his 3 squads entered the board. A lucky 6 factor shot from one US squad caused a +1 morale check. My 9-2 rolled snake eyes and battle hardened. The next squad broke and the next passed...and then third 5-4-8 was suddenly a DM'd 2-4-7. What the heck was all I could muster... I wasn't fatal blow, but critical reserve element was devastated in one lucky shot and a bad roll on my part.

Three turns left...we'll see if my shaken Germans can recover and put up some good goal line defense and keep the US out of the red zone.

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