Thursday, November 3, 2011

N-463 Conclusion

Finished turns 3 and 4 of this interesting scenario last night. As the Free French, I was attempting to stop 2 Jagdpanthers and 100 SS from reaching a key road. I quickly discovered that my Fireflies were useless against the big cats. By game end, all but one of my tanks was burning. But wait...there was a heroic unit that saved the day.

My 57L AT Gun managed to roll 6 ROF's in a row with the final one being a snake eyes and critical hit. The Jagdpanther went up in flames. The German infantry were bogged down in the woods on either edge of the board and were unable to breach my defenses.

So after completing 4 turns, a concession was given. The Germans simply didn't have enough time left to move close enough to the objective road. Turn 5 would have been a rally, reform and move to engage turn and that would have left only one turn for them to advance over 15 hexes. So there really was no chance the Germans would get into position.

My defensive choices for my infantry were spot on. My AT gun and tanks might have been better placed, but in the end they did a good job of delaying the German armor for 4 turns and keeping them from better supporting he German infantry.

This is a good scenario that is pretty tough for the German player.

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