Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cooks, Clerks and Bazookas - Finale

Finished this scenario this past Wednesday. Enjoyable game that was mentally draining. We picked up at the start of turn 4 with the Germans moving the two remaining MK IV's and some mega stacks down in the village. At this point only one of the 3 objective buildings was threatened. A single 4-6-7 had managed to enter the courtyard building and was proving tough to remove.

One of the MK IV's made an end around to the right side of the courtyard building. He stopped on the corner of the building with a clear line of sight to my 75 Sherman and the back side of my 57LL gun, which was still malfunctioned. I elected to pivot my Sherman in D-Fire to put my frontal armor facing the MK IV. I had no expectation of hitting, but fired anyway. Snake Eyes...and one burning MK IV. opponent was pretty irritated.

But his unhappiness with me was only beginning. Under the cover of smoke he had assault moved into an open hex adjacent to my HIP 50 Cal and 9-1 officer. The stack had 3 x 4-6-7's and one 8-1 officer. I didn't roll particularly low, but enough for a +4 morale check. The entire stack broke and all 3 squads ELR'd. I'll admit I was hoping for an elimination of  the entire stack, but my opponent's wise use of smoke and assault move, even when he had no idea I was in the building spared him a more devastating hit.

My grand plan of HIP'ing both MG's had paid off. From this point on, only one more turn was completed as I managed to break additional German squads and watch the Germans rout back to their start line. At the start of turn 6, my opponent conceded.

Losses were actually fairly low. The Germans only lost 1-1/2 squads and the Americans roughly 3-1/2, but with over half the Germans broken at the start of turn 6, the game was effectively over.

Looking forward to next week's scenario:  N-463...but again I drew the Free French and not the Germans...hope I get to play the Wehrmacht in the one to follow...need me so Deutschland ueber Alles!!!

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