Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cooks, Clerks and Bazookas

Started this scenario this past Thursday. I drew the Americans and my German drought continues. I haven't played the Germans since February and it's killing me (not literally of course). The Germans remain my favorite troops to command. Solid range, firepower, lots of LMG's and decent morale.

In this scenario, the burden of the win is on the attacking Germans, who have to take and control the three main buildings on Map R. This is not an easy task. The Americans have 3 Bazookas, a 57LL and two Shermans entering on turn 3 of a 7 turn game. The Germans are well equipped and have 3 PZKW IV's to back them up.

Perhaps the biggest US advantage is being able to hidden initial place two squads with their SMC's and support weapons. I chose to hide the MMG and 50 Cal machine guns with squad and officer. After 1-/2 turns this strategy is showing some success. A stack of 3 squads inexplicably moved into the open and sat there. I held my fire until D-Fire, which KIA'd one of the 9-1's and broke the 3 squads. I kept rate of fire and promptly rolled boxcars...breaking my MMG after only shot. So I missed the chance to inflict still greater damage on the broken Germans.

My erstwhile opponent elected to be daring and charged at MK IV at my 57LL behind one of the objective buildings. One shot (at 2 hexes), a hit and one burning MK IV. Still not certain why my opponent chose a desperation move in turn 2. But never look a gift horse in the mouth.

On my left flank the German infantry made solid progress as I rolled 12's and 11's on Normal Morale Checks...good grief...ELR'd and ELR'd half squads aren't going to keep me in the game.

But the Germans are moving ever closer to my hidden 50 CAL...

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