Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Drought has ended...

We finally have ran in Tulsa and a victory in ASL...I haven't won a game since February...the 6 months of agony are now behind me. S47 wasn't a great scenario, but the victory conditions (keep 1 unbroken squad in multi-hex building over 5-1/2 turns) were not overly difficult.

My opponent as usual exercised caution coupled with mega kill stacks. I followed some of Matt Shostak's advice and scattered my squads, kept fire lanes open, officers in positions to rally rather than direct fire, and made sure to hang on to as much real estate as possible. The US 10-3 never managed a death blow roll and I was incredibly lucky with morale checks. 3's and 5's kept my Italians in fighting trim, just long enough to preserve the win. After 4 turns, the concession was given. It was clear that the US forces were not in a position to clear out the Italians in 2 more moves.

So, while not the best game, it was good enough and I'll always gladly accept one for the win column.

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