Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ASL Scenario S46 Where the Winter Begins

Well got to turn 4 of this scenario tonight, before storms in St. Louis knocked my opponent off of SKYPE. We'll pick up next week with a rough new set of weather rules. Starting on Turn 4 all of my Russians must make a Task Check in order to continue to move through deep snow. Naturally, my Victory Conditions consist of moving off the board.

I was fairly lucky early on with 2 of the 7 German 4-6-8's eliminated along with the 8-0 officer. But of course three boxcars have hurt me badly. No game is complete without eliminating a half squad or two with a 12.

As for looks the Russian Winter itself. German reinforcements arrive turn 4 and I have a lot of snow covered ground to cover ...oh and some angry Germans who won't let me pass without paying some blood toll. I'm not going to ELR quite yet, but it doesn't look too good for me.

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