Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh the Despair of Losing

Well...Contested Settlement - ASL Scenario S46 was finished tonight. And misery is my companion. Another 4th in a row. Yes...I have officially ELR' morale is now that of a lowly Volksgrenadier 4-3-6...with nary a 6+1 to attempt to rally me.

This scenario challenged me throughout. The Slovak defense was further back than expected. My Polish reserves entered the board with a host of Slovaks aimed at them. So the planned end around never developed. Meanwhile the 6 Slovak 2-4-7's bedeviled me for the entire game. I never even got close to the village.

The game was clearly over for me by turn 5...but nonetheless I launched a desperation charge at the far house on the east edge of the board. Slovak machine guns and rifles decimated my brave Poles...but miraculously a 9-1 officer and one 4-5-8 squad made it into the house with only a Slovak 4-4-7 between them and victory.  They fire...and get a normal morale check. The 9-1 officer makes his MC...then my 4-5-8 rolls a 2...but wait...heat of I roll again and roll an 11...and my valiant charge ends as my 4-5-8 surrenders.

Please...please tell me I'm dreaming....

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