Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contested Settlement

Started this scenario on the 8th. I took the Poles and my opponent grabbed the Slovaks. The objective for the attacking Poles is to control a single multi-hex building of the 4-5 in the game. Sounds easy enough until you realize you have to cross half the board first with a fairly strong Slovak force between you and victory. turned out that it's not so easy to cross woods and open fields with Slovaks shooting at you. I moved cautiously through turn 3. Then on turn 4 my MTR broke one of the Slovak half-squads. With only three turns left, I gambled and sent 3 squads racing in the open to exploit. A single remaining 2-4-7 then fired and rolled 2 back to back 3's. 2 of the 3 squads were destroyed.

So the move to exploit was pretty much stopped in its tracks. The game continues next week. We'll see if there's any way to salvage a victory.

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