Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Among the Ruins

Turns 5 and 6 tonight as storms blew through Tulsa. Another bad night of dice rolls as 2 box cars ensured that one of my Sherman's lost it main armament. Naturally, my first attempt to repair was a 6, thus eliminating another of my three Shermans.

But fortune smiled when one of the German kill stacks revealed itself to KIA a lone 6-6-6. My last Sherman's gun barked, hit and forced a morale check, which managed to break the officer and one squad. So despite a rough night of rolls, my opponent's right flank was finally open.

I now have about 4 turns to reach the exit hexes and victory. There are still Germans moving into position to oppose and my 6-6-6's haven't been able to make morale checks. They rally just fine...but winning this game means taking some long chances and the odds don't look good. Close Assault moves keep my squads alive...but won't bring me the victory...

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