Saturday, April 23, 2011

Among the Ruins

Well...currently through 2-1/2 turns of this scenario. Drew the Americans and it looks like it will be a difficult slog through the ruins of Aachen. As usual, my opponent did a great job of setting up. Rubble effectively blocks any attempt along the northern or southern flanks. The only option was to drive right up the middle and into the trap. Naturally, that's just what I did. But big surprise, two of my three Shermans drove right up the middle and exposed the hidden panzerschreck team as well as the quad 20. They survived all the fire directed at them and took up positions behind the German front to begin shelling the two primary German MG positions.

Despite this early success, my low morale 6-6-6 infantry continue to break at the hint of German fire. So it may be a while before my armor has any infantry support. And this is a bad thing as the German 5-4-8's are closing in with panzerfausts.

Oh well...stay tuned...

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