Thursday, February 10, 2011

Walloons to the Rescue Playtesting

Well, after two complete turns, Walloons to the Rescue is playing pretty well. I did forget to add SAN and ELR to the scenario, but these shouldn't detract too much from the game play. Not having a sniper probably hurts the Partisans the most, especially given the heavy woods and lots of juicy German officers to take out.

As for balance, 24 squads of Partisans simply doesn't go as far as I had originally thought. The Walloons are pretty tough. The Luftwaffe boys are well balanced to face the Partisans. But the Walloons are some tough hombres and after 2 turns are showing that they may be fairly least until they begin to head into the forest.

So turns 3 and 4 should be interesting next week.

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