Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Side to Take in Squad Leader

Everybody has a nationality that they prefer to play in ASL. Some like the Americans, others the Brits or the Japanese. The reasons we like a particular nationality are equally varied. For many years, I had an opponent who hated the Germans and would never play them. I on other hand love to play the Germans, so always enjoyed squaring up against the German hating opponent.

But I must admit that I don't win with the Germans as often I do with the Americans. My win percentage playing the Americans is much higher. Some of that may be related to the circumstances of the individual scenario. Of course the Americans have that great ability to rally and one of my strange gaming quirks is an uncanny ability to rally. This skill is thoroughly frustrating to my regular opponents. Naturally, they too have quirks like rolling rate of fire again and again and oh again. One can only rally so many times before the fifth rate of fire morale check finally DM's you.

How about you...what are your favorite nationalities to play and what gaming quirk do you have that your gaming buddies find annoying, amazing or both?

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