Monday, January 31, 2011


Just some thoughts about that wonderful application called SKYPE. From 1978 until 1997, I played first Squad Leader,  then Advanced Squad Leader practically without interruption. Games were played in college, then after marriage...and then they came...the children...yes...ASL had met its match. So from 1997 until 2010...ASL vanished from my life. Only during furtive visits to may attic stash, were my smoldering wargaming desires rekindled...if only briefly. Like many other gamers, I am pretty attached to my gaming buds. I know them and they know me and since 1978 we've been members of the ASL fraternity. This bond was fractured and for 13 years we all wondered if and when we might once again pick up the dice and trundle our tanks towards Hill 621 and cardboard glory.

And then it happened...I finally convinced my buds to try one game on SKYPE. And suddenly, the drought was over. It worked...and it worked well. Keep in mind that we are a group of 40 technology can still challenge us every now and then. And now, thanks to SKYPE, we are able to play every Wednesday night. We keep the gaming sessions to about 2 hours...cause we all have careers and families....and of course they have to come ahead of gaming (nahh...not really...yes really...).

Now I know lots of folks are going to ask about VASL...and the answer is I haven't gone there yet. Maybe one of these days.

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