Thursday, August 15, 2019

Grumble Jones August Scenario GJ073 - Those Bloody Guns

Scenario time once again here at Grumble Jones. This month's scenario is set in France in 1940 as the Germans complete their defeat of the BEF. I've always had in interest in the battle for France and particularly the action of the BEF as they struggled to delay the German drive to the channel ports. My inspiration would come from a familiar source...yep another Osprey publication.

I'm pretty well hooked on these books. I passed them buy for a couple of years, thinking they somehow hokey. But wow, they continue to impress me and are really outstanding sources for scenario creation. Each volume focuses on small unit actions, which are easily translated into ASL scenarios. And I would imagine would work equally well for Bolt Action or other similar type miniatures games.

I would focus this scenario on the fighting for Calais. And yes, I would take some serious dramatic license for my interpretation of that fighting.

While, I would use the units involved in the Calais fighting, I would depict fighting for control of the eastern canal bridge, which is a departure from the historical event. So this scenario is a hypothetical scenario based on the fighting for Calais, but does not represent a real action from that battle.

I added another focus to the scenario, which revolves around the German sIG IB's SP guns. These early war behemoths just really intrigue me, so I wanted to give them their own scenario. The 706th SP Company was with the 10th Panzer Division in France, but I could not nail down how much or how little action it saw in the fighting. 

These SP guns would quickly become obsolete by 1942, but prior to that were the Brumbars of the early war period. This scenario imagines what would happen if these bad boys were pounding dug in British infantry and a small section of Tommies armed with ATR's were to stalk them in an urban setting. So we'll see if this scenario succeeds in showing how that conflict would play out.

As always these monthly "Basement Quality" Scenarios are offered for fun only and as a thank you to the readers of this blog.

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